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About File Extension QTL

I once download movie from the internet and the process download that took place for almost 1 hour. However when the process download was finished, I was disappointed because evidently movie files that I download could not play using my movie player. I just realised evidently file that I download was File Extension QTL. So, I could not watch this movie.

I just got information from www.fileextensionqtl.com that File Extension QTL Is associated with QuickTime movie files located ounce a web server, and available for users to download or stream. To cause the movie to be opened in an external session of QuickTime player, developers came up with the new extension, and began programming their association tables to include a new MIME type for .qtl files. But for more complete information, better you read information that was more complete in www.fileextensionqtl.com site.

But please remember if you try to open your movie file and found an "unable to open file" error message, make sure your file associations are the set to point to QuickTime the USA the default player for .qtl files. The File Extension QTL Is the exact same the US format a .mov file, and it would open and run just fine inside QuickTime Player.

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Just put the qtl files through Format Factory program convert to mpg. OK

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